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No témenos negociar y menos litigar por lo justo y digno para nuestros clientes sus derechos o legados.
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Negotiation agreement
Negotiation- Lawyers – The ten Golden rules of negotiation for lawyers The ten golden rules of negotiation for lawyers in Spain Think for a moment you are preparing a case and your phone rings, it’s Julio the opposing counsel in that case, to see if you are interested in the offer gibed last week. The commune Spanish lawyer error will be to refuse and prefer a large court process or probably precipitation style you accept without r ...
FAMILY BUSINESS – Encourage and negotiation Scholl

Crisis ¿what crisis? The family Business is the real scholl to management the crisis

Family Business evolution from one type of crisis to the next us a way of live. It create survivor companies

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      Alberto Diez
Family Business: Institution with a final date
 Since Romans invent the Juries Personality as a way to give or delegate power enough to a thing (the slaves was things without any rights but the FACTORS was really managers of the family business especially during the war campains of the landlord. They the factors acted as a delegate doing all type of contracts in the name of the family business o the landlord. So that they invented de SOCIEDAD – COMPANY – FIRM as UN instituti ...

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